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г.Кременчуг, Полтавская область,
Украина, 39631
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VLIV is a technique wich earns money to you!

VLIV is the group of the companies which manufacturing, selling, and service all spectrum of technique for the handling with a solid household waste, the various municipal techniques, RCV, systems of demountable bodies, loader cranes. Addressing to us, you will obtain the complete range of techniques and technologies for solid waste recycling and cargo handling operation.



CG “VLIV” is looking for partners for market expansion outside of Ukraine. If you are interested in cooperation, please contact the company office, send your proposal by e-mail tkvliv(a)gmail.com or via fax +38 0536 773 201. 


VLIV ltd conducted the complete certification

VLIV ltd conducted the complete certification of all RCV model row which are produced on all types of motor-car undercarriages, such as GAZ, MAZ, KAMAZ, TATA, Volvo, Scania, MAN and others. All products satisfy the requirements by State Standard Specification.